robotNEW!! Summer Lego NXT Robotics Camp

Join us June 17-21 for a week of workshops on how to build and  program NXT Robots. Learn to use sensors and build and program your robot to meet a series of challenges. Become an expert Programmer and Builder for FIRST Lego League or just have a week of fun learning to work with robotics. JOIN US!

WHERE: LOMA Elementary School, 1200 North 2nd Avenue, Logan

WHEN: 5 Days of workshops--Monday, June 17-Friday June 21. The workshop scheudle will be from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. each day.

Day 1

Get Acquainted Activities

Building with Lego Technics

The Basic NXT Robotics Chassis

Building Robot instructions using NXT 2.0 software

Robotic Behavior and using software to program for that behavior


Day 2

Building Robotic Attachments

Building a program to accomplish a task

Robotics Challenge 1 Deliver the Levee Walls

Robotics Challenge 2 Shut the Flood Gate



Day 3

Programming with Sensors

Robotics Challenge 3  Follow the line

Robotics Challenge 4  Navigating the maze


Day 4

Using Gears in chassis building

Using the third motor for attachments

Robotics Challenge 5

Robotics Challenge 6


Day 5

Exploration of the Senior Solutions and Climate Connections Challenges

Robotics Challenge 7

Robotics Challenge 8

Robotics Challenge 9

Robotics Challenge 10



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