ROBOT Desgin/Technical Interview


  • You will have an interview with judges about the construction of your robot and programming of the robot to compelete the missions you programmed. This interview may be called the Technical or Robotics Interview. During this time, you will be asked to run your robot on as many missions as you have programmed for your robot and explain how you came up with the desgin of your robot, how you programmed the robot and about attachments that you built to accomplish the missions.

  • It is important as preparation for this interview that you go into your NXT Software for each program and use the Text bubble tool to identify each block of your program for the function that it provides. When you click on the text bubble tool...looks like a cartoon bubble for what they say on the toolbar and click over top of one of your blocks, it allows you to type text on the programming pallete above each block so you can write, "Turn Right 60 degrees" or whatever your move block is for. This is an important engineering tool in case you have to figure out which block is not working, you know what that block is supposed to do.

  • Take any and all things that you actually constructed for the robot even if you no longer use it. It will show how you used testing to see that things work or don't work.

  • Take a second robot with, if your team worked with a second robot for testing or to have everyone on the team have a chance to learn programming and building robots. Share it towards the middle to end of interview. Your main robot should be your main focus, but it helps for the judges to know how your whole team learned about building and programming.

  • It is important for everyone to share their role in the robotics, even if only two or three did most of the programming and work with the robot.  Share how the robot changed over time. What did your original notebook look like and how did it change over time to become the better robot that you use for competition. Share any problems that you had with the robot and how you were able to overcome them...or even some things that didn't work as sometimes we learn more from what doesn't work than from what does.

  • This is the interview where you will want to create a pocket folder with your cover TEAM INFO   sheet on the front.  The most important info to include in this folder are the printous from your NXT Mindstorms software of the programs you have written for your robot for the missions. It will print out the blocks. Then print off pictures of your robot over time as you have taken them showing the changes, if you took them.  Also make sure you share any notes on your robot and pictures of all of your attachments for accomplishing missions.

  • Fight for the Blind at the Iowa FLL CHampionship Robotics Design/Technical Interview. from DSeilstad on Vimeo.

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