FLL RESEARCH Project Presentation and Interview

  • You will have have a Research Project interview that will include your FIVE Minute presentation where you share a skit, powerpoint, or other way to share your research findings.
  • YOUR FIVE MINUTES BEGINs as soon as you walk into the presenation don't plan a lot of setup as this is taking up time when you need to be presenting.
  • If you need any special props that you feel might be available from the tournament organizers to a table or some chairs...ALWAYS have the courtesy to email them ahead of time and ask if these might be used from the competition site rather than you having to transport them with you. DON'T ASSUME that they will there and available for use. Some sites have fixed chairs in an auditoricum for presentations and would not have moveable chairs for you to use unless they agree to provide them.
  • If you are using a powerpoint, it is easiest to bring your presentation on a USB flash drive memory stick and then one of the team members will need to go in place it in the USB port of the computer used for PWRPNT Presentations and then the team member must open it up and start the slide show. REMEMBER That time starts when you walk in the door with your memory stick. Please practice this at home with a computer and projector before getting to the competition. This has to happen easily and quickly. This is another point to email ahead or read the instructions sent to you from the event site to make sure they will have that equipment available to you. OH AND MOST sites use PC windows based if you are running your presentation on a MAC...make sure it will open easily on a PC Computer.  AND IF YOU ARE USING A POWERPOINT....always create a Plan B if the technology crashes or doesn't work, make copies of the slides of your presentation in a folder or notebook that you COULD give to the judges if for some reason the Powerpoint Slide presentation cannot be projected on the screen in the presentation room.
  • Following your research presentation, the judges will spend up to 5 minutes asking your team questions about your research and how you learned what you learned.
  • Some Examples of Presentations:

    SEND JES at the Iowa FLL CHampionship Research Project Presentation. from DSeilstad on Vimeo.

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