Marsville Teacher Resource Manual (MS Word)This is the curriculum Manual for Teachers to use in preparing your students for their Marsville Adventures on Link-Up Day. (Revised to include ounces to grams for lunch weights)
Marsville Teacher Resource Manual (.pdf)
(Revised to include ounces to grams for lunch weights)

Marsville Student Orientation Lesson
2017 Student Orientation to Marsville Powerpoint Presentation(.ppt)

Mission Patches Powerpoint Lesson Download This is a new lesson for students to view several NASA Mission Patches to find out what the mission patches tell about the mission and to discuss things they have in common and how they are different

Mission Patches Overhead (MSWord)
Mission Patches Overhead (.pdf)
Examples of Several NASA Shuttle and Space Station Mission Patches.

Marsville Mars Fact ABCs(MSWord) (.pdf)

Habitat Diagram and Dimensions (.pdf)

Marsville Teacher Resource Manual Assembly Order (MSExcel) (.pdf format)

NEW! Habitat Construction and Communication Checklist  MSWOrd


Revised Pages for Teacher Resource Manual with converted ounces to grams for lunch weights(MSWord)--Just the revised pages to print off and replace (.pdf version of revised pages)

Air Supply Student Guide Sheet (MSWord) (.pdf version of student guide)


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