Marsville Teacher Resources

Marsville Teacher Resource Manual Webpage  This is the curriculum Manual for Teachers to use in preparing your students for their Marsville Adventures on Link-Up Day. (Revised to include ounces to grams for lunch weights)

NEW!! 2017 Marsville Page County Calendar of preparation lessons/Communication for May 12 Linkup Day

NEW!!NASA Mars Exploration Rovers Calendar 2017-2018 2 Earth Years = 1 Mars Year

Marsville Mars Fact ABCs(MSWord)    (.pdf)

****FUN TEAMWORK Activities
to do with your students to help them appreciate teamwork...a whole webpage of activities  


2017 Student Final Countdown for Link-Up Day Checklist (MSWord)     (.pdf)


2017 COMMUNICATION FORMS for Teams Google Sharing

MODIFIED FORM FOR GOOGLE DOCS for All 3 Teams Sharing one form: Habitat Construction and Communication CheckList (MSWord)    (.pdf format)

Habitat Construction Demensions and Pieces for cutting out plastic

2017 Page County Marsville Link UP Day Tentative Schedule

NEW!!!   2017 Kimberlee Prokhorov, NASA ISU Alumnus Introduction Video #1

NEW!!!!   2017 Kimberlee Prokhorov NASA ISU Alumnus Answers Student Questions Video #2

 Kimberlee Prokhorov, NASA ISU Alumnus Webinar Part 1

Kimberlee Prokhorov, NASA ISU Alumnus Webinar Part 2

2017 Page County Linkup Team Assignments by Habitat

NEW!  2017 Page County Habitat Team Assignments

NEW! 2017 Page County Habitat Team Assignments by teacher and School



Walking on Mars: NASA, Microsoft Explore Red Planet with Wearable HoloLens

2017 Student Orientation to Marsville Powerpoint Presentation(.ppt)
Marsville Student Orientation Lesson

NEW! Google Mars

Mission Patches Overhead
Examples of Several NASA Shuttle and Space Station Mission Patches.

Mission Patches Powerpoint Lesson Download  This is a new lesson for students to view several NASA Mission Patches to find out what the mission patches tell about the mission and to discuss things they have in common and how they are different.

NEW! NASA Mars Exploration Program Website  at Jet Propulsion Laboratory 

2017 Page County Marsville Teacher Meeting Powerpoint     (.pdf)

Marsville Pics of Students at Link-Up Day for Page County TeachersMeeting

County Team Assigment Sheets


Some Additional Sites for Good Lessons
and for your Students:

NASA 21st Century Explorer

Liftoff to Learning: The laws of Newton in Space


LEGO Man in Space Raw footage

Video Teaching Resources Pages...Go Here



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