Mars Adventures and Games

marsMars Adventures and


NEW!! Rockets to Racecars

--Learn about all of the innovations and inventions that started with the Space Program and now are part of everyday life. Explore the Race Car Bay and the surroundings.

NEW!! Desert RATS Virtual Test Site 2011

--Explore the Desert terrain and Mars like surroundings as a part of NASA's  Desert Research and Technology Studies (RATS) program. Go inside the habitiats and explore the buildings to be put on Mars to help survive.

Be a Martian--Age of Virtual Exploration & the Human Robotics Partnership....This is a new site created by Microsoft and NASA

See if you can launch your spaceship to land on Mars


NASA Quest Learning and Challenging Site


NASA Mars Exploration site for Kids –The Funzone


Drive a Rover, Have fun on Mars


Really Cool Micro Gravity video at Cedar Point Amusement Park....see how the rides prepare you to be an Astronaut


Take an interactive tour inside a Mars Habitat--Really Cool!


Build your own Mars Pathfinder Spacecraft Model from Paper



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