Living and Working on Mars

Living and Working on Mars

Ten Years of Training for first trip to Mars--possibly one way mission, Heidi Beemer was tenatively selected to establish a human colony there.

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1.  The Challenges of Living and Working on Mars
2.  NASA Explores Mars
3.  Search for Alien Bacteria on Mars
4.  Hunting for Habitat on Mars
5.  Men on Mars--Inspiration of Robert Zubrin to colonize Mars
6.  Spectacular video  about design of Mars Rovers
7.  NASA Outpost in Arctic much like surface of Mars allowing simulation of Mars studies
8.  NASAs Plans for a Mission to Mars


Google Mars: Tour the Red Planet--Cool

Living on Earth in Conditions like on Mars:  MDRS--"Mars Desert Research Station" in Arizona--
NASA and the Mars Society have started a series of training
and research missions in the harsh dusty Arizona dessert to
prepare crews for working and living on Mars.
1.  Overview Great Webcast with Astronaut Participants

Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station
--But Good information on the project at Wikipedia Flashline MARS Arctic Research Station  Seven volunteers will participate in living and working in the extreme cold on Devon Island, 900 miles from the North Pole. They will have to live withouth any help for four months doing their own scientific studies, lab work, repair of equipment, and chores of daily life just as travelers to Mars would have to live.


Travelers Guide to Visiting Mars


Plan for a summer vacation trip to Mars

Sandy Moondust and Biff Starling are Exploring Mars--Meet Lego Astronauts and read their Astrobot diaries of their Mission on Mars


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