Welcome to an FLL Event!

So you have chosen or been selected to participate in an FIRST LEGO League (FLL) event or tournament. At all FLL events, your team is working to do THEIR BEST. Yes there are usually many other teams, but your team should do your best to showcase what YOUR TEAM has learned about each other, what you have learned about building and programming your robot and what you have learned about your project through your research.

When you arrive at an FLL Event you will have an assigned PIT AREA.

Following registering your team, you will go and find your pit area which is where you can store and keep your coats, robot, presentation props and any other stuff that you brought with you for the day. This is where you can leave your stuff during the day and this is where you will come back to and hang out during free time in your schedule or where you build or rebuild parts of your robot if needed.

What makes FLL Events diffrent from other competitions, is You need to do YOUR BEST as a team and cheer on the other teams to do their very Best as well. This is where your FLL Core Values need to be reviewed to remember what is important. Click on here to review these most important values for the competition:   FLL Core Values    Keep these close at hand for the team as they go throughout the day! Remind them often that what we discover is more important than what we win and to be GRACIOUS PROFESSIONALS at all times especially if things don't go exactly as planned!

At any FLL Event, you will have four things to do during the day:

  1. You will three times to run your Robot on the Challenge Board and Mat to complete as many missions as you can in 2 1/2 minutes.  Most important to remember is that your robotics score is the very best round you have for the day and not adding up all of your scores....so you can have a round that doesn't go great and still end up with a good score on your BEST round.
  2. You will have an interview with judges about how well you work as a team which may be called a Teamwork Interview or Core Values Interview. During this interview your team will be given a challenge to complete some task as a team. The judges will watch how you work as a team and then ask questions about how your team worked through the challenge and how your team worked during the season to make decisions and getting along with each other.

  3. You will have an interview with judges about the construction of your robot and programming of the robot to compelete the missions you programmed. This interview may be called the Technical or Robotics Interview. During this time, you will be asked to run your robot on as many missions as you have programmed for your robot and explain how you came up with the desgin of your robot, how you programmed the robot and about attachments that you built to accomplish the missions.
  4. You will have have a Research Project interview that will include your FIVE Minute presentation where you share a skit, powerpoint, or other way to share your research findings. YOUR FIVE MINUTES BEGINs as soon as you walk into the presenation room....so don't plan a lot of setup as this is taking up time when you need to be presenting. Following your research presentation, the judges will spend up to 5 minutes asking your team questions about your research and how you learned what you learned.

FOR MORE INFO ON EACH EVENT Click on the following:
ROBOT Matches
CORE Values/Teamwork Interview
ROBOT Desgin Interview
RESEARCH Project Presentation and Interview
FLL Judges Interview Packets Discussion
Now for just a few notes that are important for you day:
  • Wherver you go and whatever you do throughout the whole day...walking to and from your interviews,..as your team hangs out...as you go through your interviews....your team attitude and how you treat each other is being noticed and does make a difference in how your team will do a the end of the day.
  • Teams will want to prepare a TEAM INFORMATION SHEET with brief paragraphs on the team's  accomplishments in all three areas, robot design. Project Information,  Teamwork Information and Fun Facts about your team along with a team photo so the judges remember you. You will use this page to share with each interview so the judges will remember your team by the photo and maybe some of the things you said that connect with the written paragraphs.


    The way to use this Team Info Sheet, is to type the stuff you want to print in each of the text boxes on the Info sheet in MSWord or other word processor and then copy and paste the text into the form for printing. That way you save the text in your word processing document and then use the form to make sure on length of text to fit into each text box and then for printing. For more info on creating judges packets for each interview to help your team review their preparations for each interview go to FLL Judges Interview Packets Discussion.

  • It is important before each interview starts as you walk in the room,  to tintroduce your team to the judges sharing your name and FLL Team number. Then make sure to thank the judges and shake their hands at the end of the interview time. This can be done by each and every member or you might designate a couple members to do the thank you and handshake for your team.

  • Teams often have a token to represent their team that they trade with members from other teams to use in getting to know others at the event. You will get the most out of your experience  as a team if you introduce yourselves and get to know the other teams throughout the day. You have lots in common through your interest in Legos, the hours you have spend working on your robot and your presentations...you will make lots of new friends through the day. Ideas of things to trade are smarties with your team label on them, little trinkets from Nobbies in Omaha or Oriental Trading online that fit the theme....like sticky hands, etc. This is not a requirement but a suggestion.
  • Teams often show their team spirit during robotics rounds and as they are going to or from interviews with a team cheer...saying something about Legos, the medical theme and their team name or anything they have made up.
  • Teams often have a shirt made for their team designed by the team with the team name on it. Remember if you are a 4-H Team to get a 4-H Logo somewhere in the design and a team sponsor name along with some cool team name logo. Again, not a requirement, but the team does want to convey teamwork through what they wear, so you want to wear same colored shirts and pants.
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