FIRST Lego League Team Resources


The 2015 Robotics and Project Challenge Theme of "Trash Trek" 


NEW!! Pictures of Trash Trek Challenge Mission Mat and Challenge Pieces

The Challenge Document--A MUST READ FOR ALL FLL TEAMS

The Robot Missions Video 



What is 4-H FIRST Lego League?


NEW! LEGO MINDSTORM EV3 Building and Programming Resources


Welcome and Explanation of FIRST Lego League

What are the CORE FIRST Lego League Values for your team and why are they so important?

A Great Video Intro  fo FIRST Lego League 

Lesson on Gears, Gears and More Gears (ppt)
Lesson on GEARS as .pdf


NEW!! What to know before you go to FLL Events/Tournaments

Team Orientation Powerpoint..(Available after Sept. 10)


 This is a great resource site for teams to get the missions worksheet for planning missions and for knowing the mission and points associated with the mission. 


YouTube Videos of Past Years Missions for Learning Strategy
1.  TechnoMancers World Class Learning Missions 2014
2.  World Class Learning Missions....746 points 
3. Body Forward 2011 FLL Infinity 400 Points 
4. Nature's Fury 2013  

Just do a search for FLL or First Lego League on YouTube for lots more videos

  • Here are some pictures of Lego Mindstorm Robot creations that are really cool:

Google EV3 Robot Images



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