FLL Robotics Matches

All FLL Events will have three rounds of Robot Matches

  • It is recommended that teams have a box or tub to carry their robot to the Robotics Matches and technical area, for practice on the Practice Tables and to and from their pit area

  • Only two members can be at the board operating the robot at any one time...they can tag off and other members can take the place a the robots board, but only two at any one time. The other team members will stand and cheer behind aline next to the Challenge mat and mission pieces.

  • If the team has several attachments, you can bring a TV Tray (remember the collapsible tray that your grandparents used in watching dinner by the TV) which you can set up next to the table rather than having to have them all in your Start Area on the Body Forward Mat.

  • You will not need your Blue Cast, your bone splint, the Med Engineer and doctor....those pieces that start in base with you at the beginning of the robot match. They will all be provided on the table where you will be running your robot.

  • You can change programming or build or adapt your robot between your matches. If you find that something doesn't work, you should have some time to modify or fix that part of the program or robot that needs fixing.

  • There will be several practice tables around the FLL Event Facilities for teams to use as they need to fix programs or attachments on their robots. You must go to the practice table and usually sign up for a 10 minute time slot to use for testing your robot. It is good to go there first thing when you arrive to test your robot out and give it a first run. In some competitions, such as at the Nebraska FLL Championship, you will be sloted for a practice round on the main competition tables to get the first run jitters out and be ready for your first round of running your robot during your 1st robotics match. Please be respectful of other teams and don't sign up for a lot of practice times on the same table. All teams will need some practice time and you want to be gracious professionals.

  • As you plan your missions and prepare your robot, put a number in front of the name of each of your programs to get them to appear on the robot in the order that you need to run them during the robot Match. 1First Mission, 2Second Mission, 3Third Mission to help organize your software on the robot, so that don't have to search for the program taking precious time away from the starting of your robot on a mission during your match.

  • An Example of a Robot Match:

SEND JES at the Iowa FLL CHampionship Robotics Match from David Seilstad on Vimeo.

BrainBots at the Iowa FLL CHampionship Robotics Match from David Seilstad on Vimeo.

Fight for the Blind at the Iowa FLL CHampionship Robotics Match from David Seilstad on Vimeo.

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