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Welcome and Explanation of FIRST Lego League

What are the CORE FIRST Lego League Values for your team and why are they so important?

Intro to thinking like a robot --Robot Programming Fundamentals Video


Programming is Precise and Sensors Program Action...Click on this link and then Click on Big Idea 1-2

Great Links

In Addition to all the resources and links provided at www.usfirst.org, check out these sites:

Top Ten Most Valuable Resources for 4-H FLL Coaches and Teams


The 2015 Robotics and Project Challenge Theme of "Trash Trek" 


NEW!! Pictures of Trash Trek Challenge Mission Mat and Challenge Pieces

The Challenge Document--A MUST READ FOR ALL FLL TEAMS

The Robot Missions Video 



Robots Do Four Basic Types of Jobs for Humans  (Webpage and Youtube Video Links to Real Robot Jobs)


Robots Do Four Basic Jobs part 2


1.   Dirty jobs—able to work in dirty, smelly places that humans might not be able to live and work in

2.   Dull jobs—able to do repetitive jobs that might pose a physical risk to humans in performing over and over

3.   Dangerous jobs—military and disaster applications that might not be safe for humans to work in and around

4.   Delicate jobs—medical and micro environments where magnification or working accurately in small spaces is important


Resources for FLL Coaches


Coaches Sample Schedule for 16 weeks of Prep for FLL Regional Event

FLL Team Project Presentations on Youtube

NEW!! What to know before you go to FLL Events/Tournaments

Team Orientation Powerpoint. --Getting Started

4-H FLL Coaches Orientation Page for 2015
    --New Coaches Orientation "Ask an Expert" Webinar
  --Audience Questions and Responses from New Coaches Webinar

COACHES Teleconferences that you can download:

Click here to go to Coaches Orientation and Teleconferences  

TechBrick Team Building Activities


Get Acquainted/Team Building Activities (MSWord)

4-H Robotics Team Building Web Page

Autograph Activity (pdf)
Center Stage

Ride the Bus

Playdough Pictionary
Alphabet Challenge

Back to Back Session

A Z Scavenger Hunt

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