FLL CoreValuesTeamwork

FLL CoreValuesTeamwork Interview

  • The Core Values/Teamwork Interview will include a "Team Challenge" which is a task that must be completed by the team. The team needs to figure out what needs to get done in the task and quickly figure out who will do what to accomplish the challenge. It is important that everyone participate. Someone can take leadership for the group activity, but important that everyone has a role. Not a time to sit back and watch the action, but dig in and work together. Hopefully you have had positive experiences working together in other experiences throughout the year that will help you in working quickly to complete the task.
  • Following the team challenge acrtivity, the judges will visit with the team about how they made decisions on who would do what in the challenge and how did you work together in the process. They will also ask questions about how the team made decisions and worked through problems or issues that came up.
  • One of the most important things to share with your team is this piece  of advice...."It is easy for each of the us to talk about what we do well. Usually a few members speak up easily in interviews to share what they do well. That is great, but my best advice for a team member is to not only talk about what you do well, but think about what you appreciate about what someone else does well. Share what Bruce is really good at and how it helped the team...or use this as an opportunity to help one of the quieter members of the group share what they do well, by sharig that we all appreciated when Bruce drew the logo for our T-shirt and ask Bruce to share how he came up with the coold design. Some team members are better doers than talkers and need to be helped to get their story out.
  • Sorry we can't share any examples of  team activities as they are designed to be spontanteous in helping the team show their teamwork.
  • One good preparation activity would be to put together two identifcal bags of lego pieces (same type of pieces in both bags. Put up a barrier between the two bags so they can't see each other and then have a couple team members sit on one side of the screen and start building something with the lego pieces and have them instruct the rest of the team on the other side to build what they are building without seeing it...have to describe the pieces and share how they are putting them together. Then when done using all of the pieces, compare the pieces visually by taking the barrier away or bringing the two built pieces side by side and talk about how well your team worked together to communicate what was being built and how they look alike or different and how they might have been able to help each other out in communicating the building process.
  • A couple examples of Teams and Teamwork

    SEND JES at the Iowa FLL CHampionship TeamWork Cheer from DSeilstad on Vimeo.

  • BrainBots at the Iowa FLL CHampionship Team Cheer from DSeilstad on Vimeo.

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