Planning for camp crafts is always fun as we try to find projects that are easily completed in about 30 minutes that can serve as county fair exhibits or crafts that can be done in many creative ways that also may be used as Working Exhibits for communication.

                 Some of my best craft projects have been picked up from attending workshops at the National 4-H Camping Institute presented by the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents.

From sponge painting the backs of glass plates to look like a big round plate of watermelon to making and launching paper Air Rockets that fly over 150 ft in the air, this creative time is always a hit with kids and parents. We work hard to find fun projects that allow youth some independence in how they design it and something that will be enjoyed by both boys and girls. Some of our past crafts have been Ocean Water Bottles, Stepping Stones, Camp T-Shirts and drawstring backpacks where they use fabric markers to color in the outlined letters and graphics , duct tape wallets and purses, Incredible Shrinking Minis—#6 plastic that shrinks to 1/10 the size, and marble painting.

Camp Crafts to Write Home About Handbook(MsWord)A resource piece that I put together for the 4-H Camping in-service, Ready, Set, Fun. Has some great info on planning for Camp Crafts and the following crafts:
Ocean Water Bottle
Marble Painting
Incredible Shrinking Minis
Beaded Saftey Pins

Good sites for Camp Craft Ideas:

and visit your local craft store like Hobby Lobby and ask what crafts are popular

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