cloverWhy do 4-H and FLLFIRST LEGO League fit so well together?

Our goal in 4-H is to help young people develop skills in leadership, communication and citizenship.

In FIRST LEGO League, youth interact as a team to research and come up with a creative solution to an issue or problem in their community based on the FLL Yearly THEME and they communicate that creative solution with community leaders.

As a team they will develop leadership skills as some of the team may emerge as leaders in the robot programming or building, some in research, others in how they communicate their creative solution to community leaders.

So you can see that our missions match in the desire to build leadership, citizenship and communication skills in young people.

We also have youth involved in 4-H FIRST LEGO League Clubs that may not have considered joining 4-H before which is helping us to touch more youth lives with the strength of 4-H in our communities.

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