Games to Play at 4-H Club Meetings

Get Acquainted Games

4-H Club Games & Activities

Get Acquainted and Belonging Activities are very important for any group. It allows them to share things they have in common and to connect with others of similar interests. It also provides opportunities for people to practice social skills which are so imporant in making new friends and learning how to find a place in your group.
Mixer Autograph Activity : on this paper and pencil activity, you sign above the item in the box if you have done the activity and below the item in the box if you haven't done the activity so you will exchange autographs with everyone, no matter whether they did the activity or not
Barf Ball, Buddy Ball and Balloon Trolleys
Find Your Twin                       4-H Robotics Version
Playdough Pictionary                  4-H Robotics Version
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