Marsville 2014 and Beyond

The latest Update on the current Mars Rover, "Curiosity"

What is the latest update on the finding of the current Science Laboratory Rover "Curiosity Traveling around on the surface of the Red Planet Mars.


COOL FUN Adventure Mars Game Sites

Lots of fun Mars sites where you can start your adventures by driving a Mars Rover, try launching your ship from earth and get it to land on Mars....and lots of other fun adventures and you prepare for fun on your Mission to Mars.


Mars Facts

Learn how Mars and the Earth are similar and how they are very diffrent. Even with the very extremes in temperature, surface features and low atmospheric pressure, Mars is still the most welcoming planet in our solar system.


Living and Working on Mars

Men and Women astronauts are trying out living in the extreme hot, windy and dusty dessert of Arizona and extreme cold temps in the Antarctic to try to learn how to work and survice on Mars. Along with coping with extreme weather, they are learning to conduct experiments on a team and live, eat, sleep and study in the small area of a Mars Habitat.

Cool Video about living and working on Mars through the Mars Society.


Mars System Info Sites

Each of the Marsville systems are important for our survival on Mars. It will be very important for you to learn about your system and to be creative as you plan to provide Air, Water, Food, Transportation, Communication, Waste Management, Recreation, and Temperature Contol for safe and comfortable living so far away from home.


Current and Future Missions to Mars

The two Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity continue to explore the surface of Mars 7 years after their expected mission was to end. This is an engineering Miracle as they have been able to travel much farther and provide. The next mission to travel to mars is the Mars Science Laboratory named, "Curiosity" by a student from Lenexa, Kansas.  



Canadian Marsville

Lots of resources for students and teachers on Systems, Mission Patch Examples and much much more



Teacher Resource Page 

Teacher lessons and links for working with your students to understand what living and working in Space will be like for them


**NEW Mars Video Resource Pages....Go Here for great videos to learn more about going to Mars

Learn about current and future missions to Mars

Learn about the history of the exploration of Mars

Learn more about traveling to and living on the surface of Mars 


Scientists at Work

Learn what a day in the life of a scientest is like through visiting these scientists in many areas of Science. Click on the Scientist and fing out what motivated them to become scientists and what they do in their daily work in using science and engineering skills. Why is it fun to do what they do.


2014 Habitat Assignments (coming soon when Available)

2014 Page County Marsville Habitat Assignments

2014 Page County Marsville Habitat Assignments by School


The Phoenix has landed

Visit this site for links to all the current mission images, details and successes as the Phonenix Mars Mission explores the resource rich Mars North Pole and the water resources available.

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