Living on Acreages: What You Need to Know

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The new book Living on Acreages: What You Need to Know is available from MWPS (MidWest Plan Service), located at Iowa State University. Cost of the 120 page, 8 ½” x 11", illustrated, softcover book is $20.00 plus shipping and handling. Living on Acreages is for everyone thinking of moving to an acreage or inhabiting one now. It provides a valuable instruction manual and reference to everything from building and landscaping in the country to maintaining rural property.

More than 80 drawings, diagrams, photographs, tables, and charts enhance descriptions of essentials. Each chapter lists resources and web sites for additional information, building plans, and other helps.

Living on Acreages explains how to:

Select a rural living site. Design a homestead that is comfortable, functional, and adaptable to lifelong needs. Establish or access systems for water, electricity, mail delivery, sanitation, and sewer, including septic system design.

Adapt to life near farms—from signage and traffic rules to noise, odors, and dust. Understand effects of seasonal weather and wind on rural structures. Plan a windbreak or shelterbelt. Minimize damage by insects and animals.

Assure safety from lightning, fire, wind, winter weather, and crime. Develop outdoor living areas—including decks, patios, gardens, and areas for wildlife preservation. Plan and manage a farm pond. Construct amenities, such as a bus shelter for children. Plan and build driveways and roadways. Manage outdoor burning and recycling. Establish a routine preventive maintenance schedule. And more.

Living on Acreages: What You Need to Know (MWPS-50, ISBN 0-89373-103-X) may be ordered from the MWPS for $20.00 plus shipping and handling.

Orders may be placed: On-line at
, by e-mail at , by phone at 800-562-3618 or 515-294-4337,by fax at 515-294-9589, or by writing:

MWPS, 122 Davidson Hall, Iowa State University,
Ames, IA 50011-3080.

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