Camping Programs Can Help Your 4-H Program Grow 

  • Provides experiences that really are life changing for young people
  • Provides new friendships that can last throughout their 4-H Career
  • Living and working as a camp group provides citizenship skills that are real to the campers
  • Camp traditions provide a connection to others and to camp that is unique in their life experiences
  • Outdoor cooking is COOL and making parts of their own meal creates a real feeling of mastery
  • Members get a chance to try lots of new things at camp
  • Older 4-H Youth as Camp Leadership Team creates an opportunity for them to really understand and experiece BMIG
  • Understanding the role of counselor and mentor opens a whole new dimension for the camp leadership team

Growing 4-H Through 4-H Camping Programs Publication (.pdf)

Planning a Camp? 
Here is a nice set of guidelines to help you in the planning process!

4-H Residential Camp and DayCamp Resources Webpage--Songs, New Belonging Activities, Including BMIG in Camp Planning, Preventing Bullying at Camp, YouthRNet Themed Camp Planning Packets

10 Years of Data on the assessment of the camp experience by the camper (MSWord)

5 years of data from Parents and what their camper shared with them about the experience (.pdf)

American Camping Association Research Project on critical youth development outcomes through youth participating in camping programming

Outdoor Cooking Ideas for a whole new way to involve youth in preparing their meals

Craft ideas and Making Camp Crafts double as Working Exhibits and County Fair Exhibits

Training your Camp Leadership Team

Other 4-H Camping Links:
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Ideas for Summer Camp Activities and Games

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