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Region 17 4-H Table Setting

4-H’ers representing Harrison, East Pottawattamie, West Pottawattamie, Mills, Montgomery, Fremont and Page counties can participate in the 6th Annual Region 17 4-H Table Setting Program.  4-H’ers will compete in their home counties to earn a spot at the Table Setting Championship with members representing five age divisions Clover Kids, (K-3rd grade), Discovery (3rd Grade in some counties) , Junior (4th, 5th and 6th Grade), Intermediate (7th & 8th Grade) and Senior (9-12th Grades) and two categories, formal and casual themed occassions.

New for all counties in Region 17 that have Clover Kid and Discovery 4-H Table Setting participants in their county event, you will be able to select one Clover Kid and one Discovery Table Setting to represent your county as Table Setting Clover Kid and Discovery Showcase participants. They will receive a conference judging opportunity, and each Clover Kid and Discovery Participant will receive a participation certificate, but will not have a competitive award for Clover Kid and Discovery 4-H Table Settings. It is a great opportunity for them to experience the Regional 4-H Table Setting Event judging process without any competition.

Participants in the Region 17 Table Setting program chose a theme for their formal or casual table setting, and a menu of what would be served, then arranged a full single table setting with flatware/silverware, glasses, plates and bowls as needed to serve that meal to guests at their dinner or party. They also chose a centerpiece for the table that could be constructed or chosen by them to fit the theme. All of this would be set up on a card table or for casual table settings such as for a picnic could be arranged on a blanket on the floor. All of the contestants also wore clothing that went along with the theme to strengthen their presentation on the table setting.

The purpose of the program is to provide youth the opportunity to plan a meal around a theme learning the skills of planning, developing a theme, selecting or making matching centerpieces and clothing to go along with that them, planning a nutritious and fun meal, and developing hospitality skills through communicating their planning process and table setting with a judge through conference judging. Hosting a party, learning where all of the silverware, napkins, plates, bowls and glasses are properly placed on the table are all skills that youth will need as they plan or participate in family gatherings, formal dinners for work, or understanding what all those forks are for at a formal work function.

Region 17 4-H Table Setting Info Bulletin to learn more about the program and what you need to do to participate

Region 17 4-H Table Setting Scoring Sheet to learn about how you will be evaluated

The Region 17 4-H Tablesetting finals will be held at the Council Bluffs Public Library, 400 WIllow Ave. on Tuesday, AUGUST 9, 2016. 

Letter to 4-H Participants sent out Monday, July 25.

2016 Region 17 4-H Table Setting Championship Participant List by County as of Friday,  July 29

2016 Region 17 4-H Table Setting Championship Participant List by Table Setting Category as of Monday,  July 28

2016 Region 17 4-H Table Setting Championship Judging REVISED FINAL Schedule as of Tuesday, Aug. 9

2016 Region 17 4-H Table Setting Championship Enrichment Activities Schedule

2016 Region 17 4-H Table Setting Championship Award Selection List

2016 Region 17 4-H Table Setting Championship Event Pictures

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