Harrison County 4-H IT-Adventures Robotics OlympicsTeam

Forms that MUST Be completed by IT-Team members and their parents:

2012 Participant Medical Emergency Permission Form
2012 Photogaphic Release Form

IT Adventures Homepage

IT Adventures Robotics Challenge Homepage

a short video about IT-Adventures produced by Iowa Public Television
a short PowerPoint slide show that talks about the basics of our IT Adventures program

IT Olympics Team Robotics Competition

  • The robots must be built using only the components sent to the IT-Adventures club and must come from kits 979797 and/or 979648. No other components are allowed to be purchased and added in.
  • The robot cannot exceed two pounds and must fit in a 1’ x 1’ frame.
  • Documentation about design choice for the sumo robot must be included for judging. This should include pictures.
  • Code for the program running during the competition should be documented and
    easily readible by the judges.

Some of the Resources that the Team will have to work with for the 2010 Robotics Challenge CLick on the links for a further description of the resources:

  • 2 NXT Robot Kits --NXT Base Education kits and NXT Education Resource Kits same as what was used last year in FIRST Lego League....except you have two of them
    for building two Sumo Wrestling Robots that will battle it out on a 4 ft. Square of Plywood with a Sumo Wrestling Circle painted on it

  • NXT 2.0 Software on a laptop and a desktop computer to use in the meetings and take home and work on individually to learn the software

  • A copy of the book "Building Robots with Lego Mindstorms NXT" with lots of great plans to help you as you design your sumo wrestler

  • Robotics Engineering Vol. 1 and Robotics Engineering Vol 2. to help you in building and Learning the NXT 2.0 programming software teaching you how to use sensors and multiple attachment motors.

  • SUMO Wrestling Matches on Youtube you need to go see theses and the cool robots that compete....should be good ideas  More Videos...search on Sumo Wrestling Robots

  • A corporate mentor is provided to each IT-Club through the help of the Technology Association of Iowa. This mentor helps members understand the use of robotics and how to geth your robot to respond to your coding comands.

  • The IT-Olympics Robotics Challenge also includes an additional Challenge element to the Sumo Wrestling matches each team will compete in at the Statewide event on the Iowa State University Campus. Your team will also be asked to repsond to real-time challenges where teams are asked to design parts or programs for an additional base robot. The specifications of these challenges are only given to the team at the competition. Your quick work at FLL last year should help in designing and programming on the spot at the IT-Olympics where you will be competing in April.

  • Each IT-Adentures Team is required to perform a community service project related to their content area(s). Any team that competes in an IT-Olympics venue must submit a multimedia presentation and oral description of their IT community service project for judging. The multimedia presentation will be available for all attendees to view. The community service score will contribute to the overall standings in the robotics competition.  You guys could do a County-wide Software programming workshop for the sevent FLL Teams in Harrison County.

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