Check out the fun memories made at camp! You can scroll through, download and print photos for your record book, scrapbook or County Fair Project. Just click on the link below to view the hundreds of photos, 12 to a page format.


2011 Jr. 4-H Camp Photo Pages

To view the pictures with 12 small pics to a page just click on the page numbers on the bottom of your screen.

To see the larger version of the photo, just double-click on the photo to open the regular printable size version of the photograph.

To save pictures, just double click on the small picture to bring up the regular size photo to save and then right mouse click on the picture and select "Save Picture As" and direct it to your "My Pictures" directory on your computer.

Just click on a picture to view the full size photo for downloading or printing for your record book or for including in an Outdoor Adventures 4-H Project Exhibit. Enjoy camp memories through taking your parents through the photos to explain activities that we did at camp.

Click on the link below to play the 2011 Jr. 4-H Camp Movie

2011 Jr. 4-H Camp Movie

You will also find the camp craft projects resource sheets here  (all are in .pdf format):
Watermelon Plates

Air Rockets

Building an Air Rocket Launcher

Incredible Shrinking Minis
We still have some LEFT AND FOUND Items from 4-H Jr. Camp:
Clothes left in a black garbage bag at Camp:
·        2011 State AAU Volleyball Shirt Nodaway Valley Wolverines Size M
·        Red and Black Old Navy Jacket   Size M
·        Reversible Robin Egg Blue and Brown Fleece Jacket
·        Striped Green/Pink Towel
·        Moss Green Towel
·        Size XL Grey Old Navy Jacket
·        Several Mismatched Socks
(They have all been laundered and are ready to send back to campers)
·         Also a black Basics personal Makeup bag with a bunch of hair ties and eyeliner/Maybelline Cover Stick, Colossal Volume Mascara and Bee Balm Chapstick.
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