To do your best on your Nature's Fury Project Presentation, make sure you include--To be eligible for Project Awards and advancement your team must:

1. Explain the problem your team chose to research (including the natural disaster your team chose).
 2. Describe your team’s innovative solution.
 3. Describe how your team shared your findings with others.
 4. Meet the presentation requirements:
 • Give your presentation live; you may use media equipment (if available) but only to enhance the live presentation.
 • Include all team members; each team member must participate in the Project judging session in some way.
 • Set up and complete your presentation in 5 minutes or less with no adult help.
You can learn more about how your team’s presentation will be judged by reviewing the Rubrics located at: Among other things, judges expect your team to:
 • Clearly explain both the problem and your team’s solution
 • Use different types of research resources, including professionals in the field
 • Consider existing theories and solutions as you develop your own solution
 • Be innovative
 • Show that you thought about what it will take to make your solution happen in the real world
 • Target your sharing toward people who might benefit from your team’s work
 • Find a way to present your work that is both effective and creative
More Resources (0ptional)
 • Check the Project FAQ often: Here, FLL staff will 
clarify common Project questions. Postings contain official information that will be in effect at tournaments.
 • View the 2013 Challenge page at  . 
Download the Topic Guide for a glossary of natural disaster words, a list of websites and books to start your 
research, and tips on how to approach professionals.
 • The FIRST LEGO League Coaches’ Handbook contains more information about FIRST® LEGO® League, 

the Challenge, tournaments, and judging. Find it here: Nature's Fury Coaches Handbook


Check out the Presentation FAQ Updates

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