Region 17 Summer 4-H Robotics Intern Staffing Model
Have you and your counties in your Region ever dreamed of having more staff to help tackle new and emerging programming? Have you ever wished that you could hire someone to help do a daycamp or set of workshops that you just don't have the expertise to do and you don't have the time to add to your list of all that you already do? Well, have we got a deal for you.....You as a region or set of counties don't have to wait for additional staffing, you can make it happen for your counties NOW! Using a fairly easy template and model from Region 1 originally and now from Region 17, you have the tools in your hands to come up with a plan to make the extra staffing happen.

Region 17 Summer 4-H Robotics Intern Staffing Model and Support Pieces

Harrison                         East Pottawattamie                    West Pottawattamie
Fremont                         Montgomery

> FInal Report of Summer 4-H Robotics Intern

> Some thoughts on Summer 4-H Robotics Programming



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