2014 Council BLuffs Regional FLL Event Frequently Asked Questions

Teams have asked if all of the events during the day are open to the public and family that accompany the team:

ANSWER: Yes the public and family are able to sit in on your Robot Matches in the Gym, your Research Project Presentations and your Robot Design Interview. Only the youth FLL Team members can be present during the Teamwork/Core Values interview. The coach is also graciously asked not to participate in this interview as well to allow only the youth to interact with the judges to show their ability to work as a team without adult assistance. The public and family may not attend that interview because the team does an activity in the Teamwork/Core Values interview with judges that must remain confidential for all teams to have the same opportunity to complete the activity with knowledge of the activity before they go in---a part of Gracious Professionalism for teams to not share what the activity is following their interview.

What Time do we need to be at Lewis Central on Saturday morning?

ANSWER: Doors will open at 7:30 for early arrivals. All teams should plan to arrive between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. to Lewis Central Middle School when Team registrations is Open. Coaches MUST ATTEND the Coaches Meeting at 8:30 a.m. Hopefully this will wrap up in 20 minutes depending on questions to allow everyone to get to the Opening Ceremonies by 9:00 a.m.

Will there be Wireless Available at Lewis Central Middle School in the building that we can Use

ANSWER: Wireless Internet at Lewis Central Middle School
Wireless internet will be available throughout the building using the LC Guest Network.  The network does timeout every 15 minutes, so you will need to re-enter the username and password.
LCGuest Wireless Access

Username: _________    (This info will be available shortly) 
Password: ___________ (This info will be available shortly)

  1. Q: Will there be chairs avaialble in the Research Project Presentation Rooms?            A:Yes, there will be 3 chairs available for use in your presentation in the classrooms where the Project Presentations will be given. If you need additional Chairs, please contact me: seilstad@iastate.edu 


  1. Q:What other equipment will be available in the Research Project Presentation Rooms? A: There will be an LCD Projector, screen,  and a PC laptop for you to use or you may use your own laptop if needed.
  2.  Q: When will the event be over?
    A: We plan to wrap up the awards program by 3:30-4:00 p.m. depending on the amount of time it takes for the judges to deliberate following the last interviews.Check out the schedule (This schedule will be available shortly)
    Q: Will there be food at the event?
    A: There will be general concessions and meal items at the event. A menu will be posted shortly with the food items and costs   CB Regional FLL Food Menu
    Q: Where do we park?
    A: Check out the parking map.

    Q: Who do I contact if I have questions?
    A: You may contact David Seilstad.
    Q: How do I get to Lewis Central Middle School?
    A: Check out these directions To Lewis Central Middle School, 3820 Harry Langdon Blvd..

  3. Q: How long are the robot matches and how long are each of the interviews?   A:Good question, Robot Matches are 2 ½ minutes long. There is ten minutes on the schedule which will include the 2 ½ minute robot match and then tabulating points for the teams completed missions by the Robot Match Referees with the teams.
    The Robot Design Interviewwill have the team run their missions on a competition board and talk with the judges about their programming and building of their robot. The first five minutes are for the team to run their robot and the next five minutes are for the judges to ask questions of the team. Then the judges have five minutes to talk and write down their thoughts  for the team.
    The Teamwork/Core ValuesInterview will have the team complete some type of activity where they have to work together and then the judges will ask them questions about the activity that they just did and how they worked together and then ask them about working together and Core Values throughout the season as they met and worked together. The activity and interview takes about 10 minutes and the judges have five minutes to and write down their thoughts  for the team. ONLY THE FLL TEAM MEMBERS are present during this interview. Coaches are graciously asked to stay outside and help the team process the experience when completed and to keep the team acitivity confidential so that all teams will experience it during the interview and not have prior knowledge.
    The Research Project Presentation will begin with the team using the first five minutes to present their Research Project presentation…skit or other sharing of their solution. When the five minutes are up or the team completes their presentation, the judges will spend about 5 minutes asking the team about their research process, about their research process and about the solution that they came up with. Then the judges will have about five minutes to and write down their thoughts  for the team. 
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