Livestock Verification Forms

By choosing to record your animal's info in 4hOnline, you do not need to complete the id sheets below. 4-H & Clover Kids have the option of completing their animal(s) ids online or filling out a paper copy.
Ids (online or paper option) are due on May 15. Online ids are simple, fast, and are visible right away! No need to keep track of a paper copy. Simply go to: & log in.
For questions on ids online, contact Hardin County Extension at 641-648-4850 or toll free 1-888-648-5005. You can also email Lori with any questions about ids online, 
4-H Id Sheets
 Breeding Beef
 Bucket Bottle Calf
 Dairy Goat
 (return with a photo copy of current rabies vaccination certificate)
 Horse and Pony
 Meat Goat


K-3rd (Non-Competitive) Id Sheets
  Bucket Bottle Calf

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