Displays videos that pertain to adding and maintaining links on sites.

Webinar: 11-14-13

Second half of the Online Training Manual, including: Helpful hints page, link to URLs and documents, video embed, and webforms.

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Webinar: 5-1-14

Content and Your Site - best ways to share (link to pages, use images and text, use headings/subheadings), also includes tip on downloading Firefox.

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Helpful Information for Editors

Welcome to website editing! Thank you for being a county site editor.


Creating a Webform

Schedule Your Content

Scheduling publish time

Linking to URL and Documents

Creating a Link to URL

1. Add and highlight the text you want to put the link on.
2. Click the Link Icon in the Content Editor

Creating a Web Page

*You have to create pages before you add them to the menu.

Video Embed

Embedding a Youtube or Vimeo video

Find the video you want to embed on either Vimeo or YouTube.

From YouTube

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