Buck Rose - Red Sparkler

Red Sparkler (1967) (Plant Patent 3489 - 'Rippled Velvet')

Red blend hybrid tea. The round-ovoid buds open to double (50-60 petals), cupped to flat, 4-4.5 inch blooms of dark wine red (RHSCC 187C) with a lighter reverse and striped with varied widths of pale red, pink and white. The blooms are home singly and have an intense damask fragrance. The medium-large, moderately abundant leathery foliage is dark green. The thorns are brownred and awl-like. The erect, moderately vigorous plant is moderately branching and blooms profusely in early June and continues until killing frost. The first striped rose that transmits the striping sexually. Plants are winter-hardy in Iowa without protection.

Red Sparkler
Red Sparkler (900 x 600 pixel image)

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