Buck Rose - Prairie Sunset

Prairie Sunset (1984)

Yellow blend shrub. The large, pointed-ovoid to urn-shaped buds of straw yellow (RHSCC 13C) open to double (35-40 petals), open, 4-4.5 inch blooms with vermilion (RHSCC 41 C) faced petals overlapping a straw yellow base. When completely open, the petal face is rose Bengal (RHSCC 57C), the reverse is Empire yellow (RHSCC I 1 D) tinted light rose Bengal (RHSCC 57D). As the blooms age, the rose Bengal deepens to Tyrian purple (RHSCC 57A). The blooms are borne in clusters of 5-10 and have a light, sweet, pleasing fragrance. The abundant, moderately large foliage is leathery and dark green, The thorns are tan and internodal. The erect, bushy plant is slightly spreading and blooms from June until killing frost. Plants are winter-hardy in Iowa without protection.

Prairie Sunset
Prairie Sunset (900 x 600 pixel image)

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