Buck Rose - Freckles

Freckles (1976)

Pink blend shrub. The medium-size, ovoid-pointed to urn-shaped buds open to double (25-30 petals), shallow-cupped, 4-4.5 inch blooms of light scarlet (RHSCC 43D) flushed yellow, heavily stippled on inner surface of petals with dark claret rose (RHSCC 50A). Stippling is heavier on petal reverse, approaching blotches. The blooms, borne singly and in clusters of 5-10, and have a light sweet scent. The medium-large, leathery foliage is dark copper-green. The thorns are red-brown and awl-like. The erect plant is bushy and free-flowering from June until killing frost. The plants are winter-hardy in Iowa without protection.

Freckles (900 x 600 pixel image)

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