Buck Rose - Chorale

Chorale (1978)

Light pink shrub. The medium-large, round-ovoid, pointed buds of pale orient pink (RHSCC 36C) open to double (45-50 petals), high-centered, 4 inch, full blooms which age lighter (RHSCC 36D). The mild, sweetly-scented blooms are borne both singly and in clusters of 5-10. The medium-large, leathery, semi-glossy, dark green (RHSCC 147A) foliage is coppery when young. The thorns are green and awl-like. The erect plant is vigorous and blooms abundantly from June to killing frost. The plants are winter-hardy in Iowa to 6-9" without protection.

Choral (900 x 600 pixel image)

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