Buck Rose - Carefree Beauty TM

Carefree Beauty TM (BUCbi) (1977) (Plant Patent No. 4225)

 Medium pink shrub. The long-ovoid, pointed buds open to 4.5-5 inch slightly cupped flowers. There are 15-20 petals. The open bloom is light Rose Bengal which ages lighter. There is a pleasant fragrance. The flowers are followed by round-ovoid orange hips. the plant is vigorous, bushy, well-clothed with large, leathery dark green foliage. The rose can be used wherever a small ever-blooming shrub is required or it lends itself for use as a bedding plant of for use in combination with other plants as herbaceous perennials or bedding plants. There is good field tolerance to Blackspot and Powdery Mildew. The plants are winter-hardy in Iowa without protection.

Carefree Beauty
Carefree Beauty (600 x 900 pixel image)

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