Buck Rose - Applejack

Applejack (1973)

Pink blend shrub. Small long-pointed, ovoid crimson buds open to large (up to 10 cm in diameter) open, semi-double Neyron rose blooms stippled along the midrib of the petals with crimson. The flowers are borne several together on short strong stems and have good lasting quality. Petals drop off cleanly and have a strong clove fragrance. Foliage is abundant, normal green, leathery and medium-small with good disease resistance. Growth is vigorous, erect, later arching, to 2.5 meters. Profuse, intermittent flowering from late May to killing frost. Foliage is apple-scented. The plants are winter-hardy in Iowa without protection.

Applejack(900 x 600 pixel image)

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