County 4-H Council Applications

Photo County 4-H Council

9-12 graders:  Apply for the Hancock County 4-H Council!  Plan the 4-H awards program, help at camps, help at the Hancock County Fair, lead events during 4-H week, & celebrate with skiing or a waterpark trip.
9-12 grade application: fill-in Word document form (for computer typed submissions)  Due October 3th
9-12 grade application: printable .pdf document (for handwritten submissions)

Interviews scheduled 1:00 - 6:00pm on Sunday, Oct. 19th, 2014.  Please read the document explaing the High School County 4-H Council selection process and new executive committee.

To help you be prepared for your interview we are offering an interview workshop on Sunday, Oct. 12th at 2:00 pm at the Garner Education Center.
7-8 graders: Apply for the Hancock County Intermediate 4-H Council.  Plan the intermediate trip, help at Ag days for schools, & assemble thank you packages for donors, do interviews for the radio, lead events during 4-H week, & celebrate with skiing or a waterpark trip.
7-8 grade application  due October 3rd

Applicants accepted after turning in applicaiton, no interview process for Intermediate 4-H Council.
Council members are expected to be active participants in council meetings and events.  Council members are also responsible for promoting county wide events to your club.
Council members are also required to sign the Good Conduct Agreement as stated below.
County 4-H Council Good Conduct agreement:
As a County Council member I understand that I am fulfilling a leadership role to Hancock County 4-H.  I recognize that this means younger 4-Hers will be looking at me as a role model.  To the best of my ability, I will be a positive role model for younger 4-Hers.  I will do this by following these expectations: being an active county council member & involved 4-Her, being respectful to everyone, contributing positively to my community, staying away from drugs and alcohol, working to better myself, and supporting the Hancock County 4-H program.  I will try my best to abide by the above list of expectations and recognize that my actions affect not only my future, but potentially the future of younger 4-Hers looking up to me.  If an illegal act is conducted at a 4-H event I understand that appropriate consequences will be taken.

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