Afterschool Kids' 4-H Club

ASK Field Trip Activity

Afterschool Kids' 4-H Club is an opportunity offered to 3rd-4th grade students at both Garner-Hayfield and West Hancock schools each semester. It is a 4-H Club that meets after school on Mondays in Garner from 3:25-5:00 PM and on Tuesdays in Britt from 3:25-5:00 PM. 

Club members help decide the topic they want to explore each semester and we work together to decide on which experts to invite and where to take a field trip. The topic can be pets, science, or gardening just to name a few. This past year the clubs learned more about visual arts, photography, wood working, pets, and science. Each week club members do hands-on activities related to their chosen topic, play games, and have a healthy snack. 

This semester the club will start meeting on September 22 in the Garner-Hayfield upper elementary cafeteria and on September 23 in the elementary art room at West Hancock.  Deadline for registration is September 17 for both schools. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Extension Office at (641) 923-2856.

Garner-Hayfield ASK registration - due September 17
West Hancock ASK registration - due September 17

Please print, complete and send a 4-H Medical Form and 4-H Enrollment Form with the ASK registration.

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