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Release of Liability Fix

By Feb. 1st (or ASAP):  Make sure you have logged in and clicked "I Agree" to the release of liability statement.  This was inadvertanly left off the program when you re-enrolled in 4-H back in the fall.
It is VERY IMPORTANT that you complete this task right away!  Thank you if you have already done this.

•    Go to http://iowa.4honline.com.  
•    Enter your family email that you use frequently.  (if you don’t know, the Extension Office can help.)  
•    Select “I forgot my password” (unless you remember, then skip this and the next step)
•    Copy your new temporary password that was emailed to your inbox
•    Paste the temporary password and click “Login”
•    Read the pop-up authorization screen
•    Click “I agree” and type in your parental name.  
•    Your process is complete.  You can log-out.

Livestock Identification in 4-H Online

Animals that you wish to show at the County Fair or at State Fair must be identified as being your 4-H project.  (This is a seperate process from entering your animal in a class for the fair.)

Instructions for identifying livestock through 4-H Online.

Deadlines for livestock identificaiton:
Market Beef - Feb. 1st (including weigh-in)
Breeding Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Dairy, Horses, Dog - May 15th
Cat, Poultry, Pet, and Rabbit - June 15th

Reasons why you should identify your animals in 4-H online, instead of turning in paperwork:

  • If you think there is even a small possibility you might want to show that animal at State Fair it is REQUIRED that they are in 4-H online.
  • If it is a horse, dog, or pet (or other animal that you keep consecutive years) you only have to enter it once and it will remain in 4-H online for your entire 4-H career.  Each year you just have to click one button to re-identify that animal as a project.
  • You can access 4-H Online anywhere from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  You will be able to pull up all your animal information and change it anytime before the ID deadline. (you don't have to remember where you put your copy of the paperwork.)
  • You don't have to re-write your address, phone, etc. because 4-H Online automatically keeps all that information for you.
  • More and more 4-H paperwork will be handled through 4-H Online so it would be to your advantage to get familiar with the process now.
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