Midwest Cover Crops Council Decision Tool Now Available

An instructional video on the cover crop tool is available HERE.


Midwest Cover Crops Council has a decision aid tool on line that helps select cover crops for prevented planting. Go to http://www.mccc.msu.edu/selectorINTRO.html there you can click on Instructions for Using the Cover Crop Decision Tool-Field Crops. Right below that, click on Go to the Cover Crop Decision Tool-Field Crops.
The tool has you select your state and county, then on the Cash Crop drop down menu, select None or Prevented Planting, next select a drainage class, then one of three options concerning flooding, no, up to 7 days, or more than 7 days. Then you choose from a drop down menu your 3 highest goals (11 to choose from) with this cover crop; such as erosion control, good grazing, forage harvest value.
The decision aid lists various crop options and gives ratings for each of the goals you selected for each crop option. It also shows the best time to seed for prevented planting. I printed an example on page 2.
You can then select one of options, and it sends you to an information sheet on that crop or crop mixture. That page is very complete in telling all you need to know, such as planting depth, seeding rate, termination information, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, etc.
By spending some time with this tool, you can learn a lot about what cover crops you may want to consider for this summer. The tool also will be helpful when you are ready to consider what to use later for fall and winter cover crops.

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