Record Keeping Forms

Most forms are available in Adobe .pdf format (for printing) or Microsoft Word document (for typing into and saving to your computer before printing).


2016 Record Keeping Process:

Don't forget to use the Record Book Checklist - New Format in 2016!! This is the same evaluation form that the record book committee will use to evaluate your records.

Also, don't forget to read the Record Keeping & Awards Frequently Asked Questions Help Sheet!

Title Page  pdf Word

Yearly Participation Summary  pdf Excel

4-H Story 

  • Example 4-H Story  pdf
  • You may create a 4-H Story instead of completing the Yearly Participation Summary. Be sure you follow the Yearly Participation Summary to cover all points in your 4-H Story.

Project Record    word with lines: pdf Word    word without lines: pdf Word

  • Complete one form for every project – this includes all livestock projects as well!
  • This form will need to be used for every project. If you have large animal livestock, find the proper form below to also fill out.
  • This Project Record will be used for all Static (Clover Hall) Exhibits, Small Pets, Dog, Poultry, & Rabbit.

Livestock Worksheet (Each project area needs to fill out one worksheet. Horse Project may use either form below)

  • Livestock Project Worksheet – Beef, Bucket Calves, Sheep, Swine, Goat, & Horse    word     pdf
  • Horse and Pony Project Worksheet   pdf

Support Material

  • The 4-Her creates themselves and adds it in the areas it is needed. This can be pictures of you during the 4-H year, newspaper clippings, and much more. Be creative to support your accomplishments throughout the year!



*REMEMBER...project records are turned in for an entire project area for the year!
For example, do one project form for Photography, NOT one for each photo you took to the fair! (Exhibits are only a part of your project!)



Other record keeping forms that are not required in your record book but some of these are past forms that families still enjoy using:

  • My Participation Record  pdf  Word
  • 4-H Yearly Summary  pdf  Word
  • Livestock Project Record (all livestock)  pdf  Word
  • Basic (Junior) 4-H Project Record pdf  Word
  • Experienced (Intermediate) 4-H Project Record  pdf  Word
  • Advanced (Senior) Project Record  pdf  Word
  • Financial Information on My 4-H Project  pdf  Word
  • Record Keeping Self-Evaluation pdf

If you are not finding a record keeping form that you normally use here, you may want to check the Iowa 4-H website to find specific forms you may have used in the past. 


If you have questions contact:

Kayla Hyett - Greene County Youth and 4-H Coordinator

Work: (515)-386-2138

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