Junction Food Producers Win 4-H Basketball Tournament

Junction Food Producers Win 4-H Basketball Tournament


Of the seven club teams that participated in the annual Greenbrier 4-H Basketball Tournament, the Junction Food Producers team came out as victors of the single-elimination tournament on Sunday, March 11.  Over 150 kids from across Greene County gathered at the Scranton gym to compete for the top spot.  While the definition of 4-H is often hard work, record keeping, community service, or public speaking, the definition of 4-H at the tournament was having fun with friends while showing sportsmanship and challenging others.


The art of having fun comes through having each player, no matter the ability or size, getting their time on the floor. Enjoyment for the team, or 4-H club, some from each player seeing what they can do to make the experience a enjoyable one for someone else, and in the process having fun themselves.


This tournament allows those with more ability to use it in a way to challenge themselves, while letting others have the experience of seeing what they can do. The veteran ball player may dare themselves to longer shots to give novice players a chance. The teams found numerous ways to have fun playing which provided considerable entertainment for the crowd on hand. This is always a wonderful day that exemplifies the meaning of 4-H. One can see all of 4-H’s life skills being applied, such as leadership, citizenship, communication, flexibility, just to name a few.


Congratulations to the Junction Food Producers for winning the single elimination tournament! Other 4-H teams participating were: Hardin Clovers, Kendrick Generic Bunch, Cedar Highland, Hardin Happy Hustlers, Washington Winners, and Greenbrier. Those volunteering their refereeing abilities were: Randy Cooklin, Alan Beets, Chan Burkett, and Mike Schrum. Attending the scoreboard was Joshua Hedges and Ricky Stephenson. The Greenbrier Club would like to thank those people, as well as Dawn Rudolf for her help and the use of the Scranton Gym.


Photo of the winning Junction Food Producers team includes kneeling in front row:  Thomas Jacobsen, Chase Stoline, Mason Burkett, and Hannah Onken.  Middle Row:  Abi Henderson, Emily Jacobsen, Jolee Wessling, Hunter Beyerink, Tyler Beger, Cody Burkett, Max Neese, and Anthony Jacobsen.  Back Row: Kate Beyerink, Taylor Wessling, Ben Lint, TJ Lint, and Reed Ostrander.  Not pictured but played: Tory Beger.


For more information about Greene County Extension, including other 4-H and youth development programming, visit www.extension.iastate.edu/greene.

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