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Tuesday, July 7th at 8:30am is when static judging takes place for the 2015 Greene County Fair. Here are the following forms that you need to attached to your exhibit.
Goal Card/Sheet:
This paper is mandatory and gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts with the judge. On your goal card, you need to record your goals and how you achieved them, financial information, and if appropriate you need to add the principles and elements of design in your exhibit.
Entry Form:
All exhibitors need to fill out an exhibit entry form and have it ready to turn in come check-in on Tuesday. On this form, you will need to list your exhibits and the classes they are entered in.
Exhibit Tag:
These small cardstock tags must be attached to every exhibit and what class it is entered in. This Exhibit Tag is what the ribbon will be attached to on judging day. You can only get these at the Extension Office or the day of judging. 
For Photography Projects - A Photography Goal Card is needed instead of the Goal Card mentioned above.
Photography Goal Card: 
The Photography Goal Card needs to be filled out and attached to each photo. This takes the place of the exhibit goal card for photography exhibits only. 

For more information about the Greene County Fair, please contact Sarah Jo Reynolds, county youth and 4-H coordinator, at the Greene County Extension office by phone at (515) 386-2138.  

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