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Industry Updates

IGQI and CIRAS Welcomes a New Staff Member
Iowa Grain Quality Initiative - June 9, 2017

Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension and the Center for Industrial Research (CIRAS) have pooled resources to hire a food and feed safety and compliance specialist to provide individualized assistance beyond the FSMA group training classes. Read More...

Iowa State Students to Study in Argentina
World-Grain.com - May 24, 2017

Representatives from Iowa State University’s (ISU) College of Agriculture recently met with officers of APOSGRAN at the Bolsa de Cereales in Rosario, Argentina, to discuss plans for a faculty-led study abroad course in Argentina in May 2018.

Training Available to Become FSPCA Certified as a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual
Iowa Grain Quality Initiative - May 22, 2017

The Iowa Grain Quality Initiative is now accepting registrations to become certified as a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual for the Food Safety Modernization Act. This three day course will be held Aug. 9-11 at the Scheman Building, Iowa State University campus, Ames, Iowa. The course is targeted to individuals responsible for animal feed and feed ingredient safety at milling and processing facilities.

Vomitoxin Found across the Corn Belt
Iowa Grain Quality Initiative - May 4, 2017

High levels of deoxynivalenol (DON), a mycotoxin commonly known as vomitoxin, are being found in grain across the Corn Belt, including eastern Iowa. Contaminated corn is an issue especially in dried distillers grains and solubles (DDGS), according to Erin Bowers, mycotoxin sampling and analysis specialist with Iowa State University. Read more...

Keep an Eye on Stored Grain this Planting Season
Iowa Grain Quality Initiative - April 27, 2017

With the arrival of planting season, producers need to regularly check their stored grain in order to prevent spoilage. According to Charles Hurburgh, grain quality and handling specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, producers need to double the frequency they inspect their grain because this is a high risk year and the condition of stored grain could deteriorate quickly. Read more...

Iowa Grain Quality Initiative Begins Life-Saving Research in Rwanda
Iowa Grain Quality Initiative - March 20, 2017

IGQI is embarking on a project in Rwanda assessing the impact of mycotoxins – toxic chemicals produced by fungi found in food crops. The program will sample and test animal feed grains in Rwanda and is slated to begin mid-March. Little research has been undertaken on this issue in Rwanda, and the hope is to gain knowledge needed to apply solutions in the future. Read more...

Humid Fall will Cause Moldy Corn Sightings this Spring
Iowa Grain Quality Initiative - February 9, 2017

Ethanol plants need to be especially cautious of moldy corn this spring due to a humid fall and excessive amounts of corn stored in outdoor piles. According to Charles Hurburgh, grain quality and handling specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, mid-February will bring reports of moldy corn, hot spots and blue eye mold – a fungus turning the germ a bluish color, especially if temperatures do not decrease. Read more...



Training Modules

Grain modules brought to you by the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative. 

Grain Storage - Quality Management​
Grain Storage Module   Dryeration
   Fan Performance

Grain Storage - Economics
Grain Storage ModulGrain Drying Economics
  Grain Storage Economics

Food Safety - Mycotoxins in Grain and Feed
  MycotoxinsMycotoxin Development
  Best Practices in Handling

Food Safety - Grain Chain Analysis and Processing
Food SafetyGrain and Oilseed Basics
  Corn Processing
  Oilseed Processing
  Food SafetyWheat Processing
  Grain & Oilseed Risk
  Rendered Ingredients
  Non-Grain By-Product Ingr.
  Medicated Feed Additives...
  Production Animal Digestion...
                        Production Animal Feed...

 Food Safety - Animal Feed Sanitation and Preventive Maintenance
Quality Assurance and SafetyQuality Assurance and Safety
  Sanitation and Pest Mgmt.

Food Safety - Animal Nutrition
  Animal NutritionBeef Industry
  Dairy Industry
  Poultry Industry
 Animal Nutrition Swine Industry