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  4-H Aquatic Robotics

What IS An Aquatic Robot? (SeaPerch ROV)

On March 29, 2014 the first 4-H Aquatic Robotics Building Session will attract  nine Western Iowa County 4-H Teams. They will build a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV), also known as a SeaPerch. The 4-H Aquatic Robotics educational program provides youth grades 7-10th with the opportunity to learn about robotics, engineering, science, and mathematics (STEM) while building an underwater ROV as part of a science and engineering technology curriculum.

4-H Aquatic Robotics offers an experiential, interactive platform to provide youth hands-on learning opportunities in:
►Engineering - by designing & building their own ROV
►Biology - by conducting water sampling & observing habitat
►Physics - through buoyancy & electrical wiring

Visit SeaPerch Website for more info on the Underwater SeaPerch ROVs and construction videos by clicking here

  What happens after the aquatic robot is built

The March 29, 2014 building event will allow for the 4-H Aquatic Robotics teams to also plan for using the ROV during the pilot project year. After 4-H’ers have built and tested their Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) at a local indoor pool they will continue to practice navigating local waters during the Spring of 2014.  An additional training and support webinars will occur throughout the year to equip the 4-H Teams to use their Aquatic Robots to explore their local environment.

What are the expectations?

County 4-H Aquatics Robotics teams will support an environmental research project during the Sumer and Fall of 2014.  They’ll collect and identify macro invertebrates in support of healthy watersheds and help educate citizens on their experiences

Questions or comments?  Contact: David Seilstad, seilstad@iastate.edu   Phone: 712/644-2105712/644-2105


4-H Aquatic Robotics Training

March 29, 2014 Carroll, Iowa

Training Outcomes

·       Build an Aquatic Robot
·       Responsibilities beyond training
·       Learn about macro invertebrates and invasive species

Saturday Morning Agenda

9:30 AM Registration
10:00 AM Welcome, Introductions, Overview
         Begin Seaperch ROV Building
               Intro – 30 min
               Frame build – 30 min
               Motor connect – 45 min
               Introduce Environmental Science Piece - 30 min
12:00  Lunch
         Group Pictures

saturday afternoon/evening

1:00 PM   Continue Building
               Connect motors to frame - 30 min
               Soldering the control box - 1 hr
         Finish Build
         Connecting with Community – 45 min
         Test out units @ Pool – 30 to 40 min

7:00 p.m. Supper and Intro to Research Project
8:00- 8:30  p.m. Clean Up and Head for Home

4-H Aqua Robotics Publicity Piece 1 Final Version

March 29 Agenda for Teams

Summary Piece to Share with 4-H Aquatic Team County Extension Councils on Funding/Purpose/Outcomes


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