Record Book Information and Resources

Record Book Workshops will be held at the Fremont County Extension Office on Sunday, August 14 from 3-5 p.m., and Wednesday, September 7 from 3-6:30 p.m.!


Record-keeping is a very important part of the 4-H experience!  It is thought to be so important to the learning process that the Fremont County Youth Committee has developed awards JUST for record books, and has made it a requirement that CWF participants complete a record book for at least three years preceeding their trip to Washington, D.C.  Below, you will find links and information that will help you. 


            Please include a picture of yourself, name, club, age and grade completed of record year.

  • Table of Contents

            Page numbers are not necessary.  Simply list items as they are placed in order in the book.

            This consists of ALL your activities in 4-H this past record year. Include home, school and community.

            Get help on goal-setting from the STEM-O-Gram, Stem-O-Gram Explanation and Achieving Goals

            Complete Fremont County 4-H STEM Exhibit and Record Book Write Up Form (Word Version) or EACH non-animal project you were enrolled in, even if you didn't take an exhibit to the fair. 

For animal projects, complete an animal project worksheet (below), in addition to the Fremont County 4-H STEM Exhibit and Record Book Write Up Form (above) for each animal project you were enrolled in, even if your animal didn't come to the fair.
               Market Animal Junior Worksheet
               Market Animal Int. and Senior Worksheet
               Breeding Animal Junior Worksheet
               Breeding Animal Int. and Senior Worksheet
               Dairy Animal Lifetime Record
               Dairy Animal Project Worksheet
               Horse and Pony Worksheet
               Dog Permanent Record
               Dog, Cat or Pet Project Record
               Other Pets Worksheet
               Poultry Worksheet
               Laying Flock Worksheet
               Rabbit Worksheet
               Photography Worksheet   Photo worksheet Word Doc
               Crop Production Worksheets can be found in the project manuals, found here.

  • Project Related Pictures

            Show pictures of you working on or with your projects!

  • 4-H Story (REQUIRED)

            THIS IS A REQUIREMENT and should not be a repeat of the yearly summary! This is written in story or narrative form.  Include things you did at 4-H meetings, club activities, community service, future plans, and what 4-H has taught you!

  • Supporting Materials

            This could be club minutes, newspaper articles and pictures. DO NOT include ribbons, receipts, or letters.

            Be HONEST with yourself!

  • Previous Year’s Records

             PUT CURRENT YEAR ON TOP!  Imagine how neat it will be to look back at each year of 4-H when you are older!

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