Termite Inspection Form

A client who owns a Pest Control Business in town came in asking for Temite Inspection Forms. He said the place he previously purchased them from is referring him to the Extension Office. I looked around on ISU Extension's site and was not able to find a form.

Where can I find a Termite Inspection form?

Kim Martley
Wayne County

The current termite inspection report form was developed by the National Pest Management Association and sold by them. Because the form, NPMA-33, is required for HUD and VA-backed loans, it is the standard form for all termite inspection reports.

Forms can be purchased in packets of 100 from NPMA. http://www.npmapestworld.org/Bugstore/index.cfm?trg=4&uIDC=7&uSect=catX

Several places provide the forms online. For example, see http://www.docstoc.com/docs/58950112/Form-NPMA-33

Many pest control companies are now using software that generates the filled-in report from the office computer. Software is also available from NPMA.