Summer Day Camps

I am new to the CYC position and am hosting 4 - 1 day camps this summer. I am considering how much to charge for the camps this year. Any input would be appreciated. There will be some materials involved that I would have to purchase.

I do 6-7 day camps each summer with different themes in Emmet County. We plan for about $20 per kid - but get grant money from our Community Foundation to pay half - so the kids just have to pay $10.

We have several one-day programs we offer via Dubuque Parks & Rec. The charge is $18 per child per day. Parks & Rec takes $3 for publicity/printing and then gives us the remaining $15 to pay for staff and supplies.

We have a local day camp co-sponsored by the Conservation, done at there place on the lake. We fish, do nature activity, make a craft and feed them a simple meal. Only charge $5.