Office Organization

I had asked the following questions via e-mail for all the County OAs to respond.

What do you use to keep everyone in your office in the know?

Does your system work well or are there some kinks that need worked out to make it flawless?

I received several comments back and would like to share them so other OAs can have the resource as well.

We’ve not yet figured out how to be sure everyone is on the same listing for frequently used forms, although we do make use of our “S” drive and, of course “Google.”

However, we do have a listing of telephone numbers for our Warren County residents. For some reason, and perhaps our Warren County Extension office appears in lots of places in the first order, we get calls for almost all Warren County departments. So, over the years we’ve added various and sundry contact information as the calls come in. Sometimes we feel like the County’s “Central Switchboard!”

Henry County does use a 3 ring binder with monthly dividers. Registration forms and event information is placed behind the tab corresponding to the event’s date. That way when people come in or call, we all can access the events and meetings folder.

We have a spin around rack for forms.

We like to use a large calendar that is kept on my desk. If there’s something going on that we know of we just add it to the calendar. I usually handle all registrations but I have a folder for each event at my desk and they are able to pull out the right folder and have all the brochures, registration forms, etc.

I have been here at Hardin for less than a year. I know how many phone calls we get on “Do you have the telephone number for” We have a directory here with names, telephones numbers, & address for our County offices that are in our Court House, our Extension Council member, Youth Council, Fair board,4-H club leaders, ect.

We also have a booklet that came from the Family Fest that was held earlier this summer- it has telephone numbers , addresses and names A-Z for example-- alcohol & Drug prevention numbers, Abuse( Child and Adult) to Veteran’s affair. It is a 28 page of all services offered in our county.

Each year it is updated. Hope this helps you.

For internal items, I have a wire holder that holds files folders and the Office Calendar. It graduates down and includes registration lists and information for any event happening in the county/region. External events and organizations- Binder placed by the mailbox area with information on County service providers agencies and local events.

If for some reason, someone is unsure how to direct a client, we email all phone messages and walk in visits to each other.

Both of these items are easily accessed and kept diligently current.

As far as in our office, there are only two of us that are County paid—the CYC and myself. We don’t really have a system. I have a place where I keep forms I use and she had a place for her forms.

I am also fairly new to extension. There are so many questions and when the previous people leave they don’t share for some reason. At our office we have a desk calendar which everyone puts their events for the month on. It sits on my desk which is out front. I also have all the contacts for the different groups in plastic with a loose leaf ring binder on it so everyone know what it looks like. Office forms for like 4-H are in a shelving unit that hangs on the wall. Someone made this unit for us way before my time but it is very nice and you can find things quickly. Any further questions please feel free to ask. Have a great day!

The easy way to get to information that you use frequently, is to put it on your web site! Either as a link or a pdf form.
If you need it, probably the people who use your website need it also.

We have a Registration file on the shared drive that has all sign-up sheets in it. They are an Excel form so there can be tabs for the preregistration as well as for the registration at the event. Also can track any other information you may need on another tab.
Very nice for a recent MG Trip to track what people wanted to order for lunch --on a separate tab easy to print off for the day..
Anyone in the office can check it out, or sign someone up.

We have a milk crate on the counter near the copy machine with folders labeled for the projects then the info and sign up sheets are in them. The front half of the box are for current events and the back half holds folders for yearly events and things like custom rate sheets and stuff we use all the time. Works good for us and has for several years.