Our county is wanting to bring herdmanship contest back to the fair, would you be willing to share your rules and any other information that might be helpful and we set our rules. Thanks, have a great weekend. Jean

Here is what we have in the Emmet County Fairbook:


To provide a welcoming and attractive environment for “fair-goers”, we require all exhibitors to keep exhibit areas in good “herdsmanship” manner.

Awards will be based on:

Cleanliness of alleys, stalls or pens.
*Bedding adequate, clean, dry and in place
*Manure cleaned out and deposited in proper place
*Alleys swept and as clean as possible

Appearance of animals
*Animals clean and brushed
*Animals properly tied or penned
*Animals are fed and watered as needed

Appearance of exhibit area.
*Exhibit areas and stalls orderly and attractive
*Stall cards complete, clean and displayed
*Club signs neatly displayed
*Show boxes and equipment orderly
*”Extra” equipment stored out of the way

Conduct of 4-Hers and FFA members.
*Act in an appropriate manner while on grounds
*Promptness for shows and fair duties
*Courteous to others

ALL barns will be checked throughout the fair. The name of the club with overall top herdsmanship will be engraved on the plaque displayed at the Extension Office and during the fair in the Fair Office.

This is what we do in Madison County.
All clubs with livestock entries will automatically be entered and judged in the appropriate classes.
3. The superintendents of the respective departments will assign stalls or pens together by club. Available stalls or pens for tack will be distributed as equally as possible among the club making entries.
4. The Madison County Fair Association will award club premiums for all purple, blue and red ribbons. No premium will be paid for white ribbons.
5. Herdsmanship will be judged according to the following score card.
Bedding adequate, bright, dry, clean and in place.
Animals securely tied or penned.
Feed boxes in front of animals only at feed time.
Fan and blocking chute rules observed.
Manure hauled out and deposited in proper place.
Alleys swept clean, free of dust and straw.
Watering points and drains kept clean.
No advertising of feed, livestock companies, etc. will be allowed.
Big objectionable boxes out of the way.
Exhibits lined up in attractive manner.
Hay and straw neat and orderly.
Feed boxes, blocking chutes and miscellaneous gear in area provided.
Decorating by a club of their area is allowed and encouraged, however, clubs that do not will not be penalized.
III. APPEARANCE OF ANIMALS……………………………………………20 Points
Animals clean and brushed.
Pen animals should have fresh water available.
Animals in stalls or pens between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
IV. STALL CARDS…………………..…………………………………………10 Points
Readable from alley.
Neatly arranged.
Clean and complete.
Club signs.
V. ATTENDANTS ........................................................................ .***10 Bonus Points
Courtesy of the attendants and others in area.
At least one attendant present 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.
Promptness on entering the show ring.
TOTAL ..................................................................................... 100 Points
Final placings are determined by the total score at the conclusion of the judging schedule. Ribbon awards will be provided on the following scale: purple (100-110); blue (86-99); red (71-85); and white (below 70).
6. Judging will be held twice daily.
7. Results will be posted daily with the final results posted at the conclusion of the fair. Awards will be distributed to each club at the Annual Awards Banquet.

Below is the fair book rules for our herdsmanship. We have volunteer judges each day one in the a.m. and one in the p.m. -

Department 12 - HERDSMANSHIP
All clubs and chapters are automatically entered in this class.

Class A Herdsmanship Contest
Lot 1 Herdsmanship Contest

Exhibits will be scored each day in beef, sheep, swine, rabbit, dairy, goat, horse and poultry. All exhibits of each club or chapter will be grouped for a single rating at each inspection. Placings in each inspection will be blue, red, white or no placing. These will be posted in the livestock building. After the fair a final rating will be made. Each blue placing will receive 3 points; red, 2 points; white, 1 point; and no placing, 0. These will be averaged for final placing with more than 2.5 receiving blue, 1.5 - 2.5 red, .5 to 1.5 white and less than .5 no placing. Certificates will be given in this division.
The factors for the Herdsmanship contest is as follows:
• Cleanliness of alleys and stalls or pens 65%
• Bedding adequate, dry, clean, and in place. Animals should be properly tied or penned. Manure should be hauled out and deposited in proper place. Alleys should be swept clean and be free of wood chips and straw. Watering points should be kept clean. All haltered cattle should be tied no looser than twelve to eighteen inches from the tie point.
• Appearance of animals 35%
• Animals should be cleaned, brushed, and in the stalls or pens between 8:00 am and 6:00 p.m. At least one courteous attendant present at all times between 8:00 am and 6:00 p.m.
• Total 100%

Here are the guideleins that we use in Henry County for herdsmanship. Our contest is judged and handled by the fairboard not the extension office.


All livestock exhibitors are required to maintain their quarters as orderly as possible and must keep the part of the building they occupy neat and attractive. All clubs/chapters as well as individual members will compete in the herdsmanship contest.

Herdsmanship duties are the responsibility of exhibitors rather than leaders, advisors or parents.

A committee will be chosen to judge herdsmanship. There will be a separate division for beef, sheep, swine, dairy & dairy goats, and poultry & rabbits, they will then be totaled for the overall winner.

Basis of Ratings
Herdsmanship judges will use the following scoring guide in judging herdsmanship:
Animals: clean at all times with proper grooming, feeding, bedding and care apparent.
Stalls/Pens: clean and neat; bedding clean and fresh; feed and feed pans and buckets clean and in place. Club signs should be appropriate for the exhibit.
Tack and feed area: kept clean and neatly arranged.
Alleys: exhibitor’s share of alley area kept clean; kept free of equipment; dust kept under control with proper sweeping and/or sprinkling.
Exhibitors: be friendly and knowledgeable about your project.
Pre-fair clean-up and post fair clean-up participation.

Times of Judging
Herdsmanship will be checked daily for the duration of the fair except the day of the show.

The highest scoring club in each area will receive a cash award and 4-H club name on a plaque presented at Awards Night.


All 4-H livestock clubs (Horse, Beef, Goat, Sheep, Swine, Dairy, Rabbit & Poultry) will be automatically entered in the Herdsmanship Contest. Judges will be volunteers. Superintendents of each area will help organize the contest.
Herdsmanship will be judged each day except on show day and will be divided by species: Beef, Bucket Calf, Goats, Poultry, Rabbits, Sheep and Swine.
Club Rabbit & Poultry Area Score Card
Cleanliness of club exhibit 45%
Neatness & completeness 15%
of stall card for each
Arrangement of exhibit 40%
TOTAL 100%
All Other Livestock score Card
Cleanliness of club exhibit 30%
Arrangement of exhibit 30%
(incl. feed, straw & show
Cleanliness & appearance 20%
of animals
Neatness and completeness 20%
of stall card for each animal
TOTAL 100%

This is from the Crawford County, Wisconsin Fair Book-- we've been working on revamping our herdsmanship contest the last few years.


The 2011 Crawford County Fair Herdsmanship Contest has been revamped! Herdsmanship has become increasingly important as the general public, including
Crawford County residents, gets farther and farther removed from agriculture. It is vital that the agriculture community puts their best foot forward and
demonstrates the care that we give to our animals and the hard work that we put in to our projects.

All exhibitors showing animals (dairy, beef, sheep, swine, rabbits and poultry) are automatically entered in Herdsmanship.

A show string is defined as animals that are tied or housed together. Each exhibitor should specify their show string name on their entry form (for example:
Country Clovers 4-H, Smith Family, Kickapoo Farms)

Small Group Herdsmanship will include exhibits with 1-4 animals. Large Group Herdsmanship will include exhibits with 5 animals or more.

Each show string will provide a two person team to judge. At least one member of the judging team must be 15 years of age or older, and may be an adult.

Judging will occur during appropriate (non-show hours). Approximately 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Thursday – Saturday, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Sunday

Judging packets should be picked up by one member of each show string by 5:00 pm on Thursday and are due back to the Fair Office by 2:00 pm on
Sunday. The packet will contain judging sheets and an exhibit card to be hung about each exhibit.
Each show string will judge their own species and one other species (for example, dairy cattle and swine) but will not judge their own exhibit.

Exhibits will be judged on how each space is left on Sunday afternoon.

Awards will be presented as followed: Beef, Sheep and Swine at the Meat Animal Auction Appreciation Dinner, Dairy at the Holstein Association Twilight
meeting or the Apple Country Classic Sale in September and Rabbit and Poultry at the 4-H Awards Banquet in October.

The top two small herds and large herds in each species will be awarded prizes.

Herdsmanship Score Card

• Club Identification
• Animal Identification
• Neat and attractive
• Coordinated color scheme and background
• Originality
• Properly groomed and clean
• Well fed and watered
• Properly penned or secured
• Attractively arranged

• Ample bedding, not overdone, but uniform
• Edge (if applicable) neat and square
• Wet bedding removed daily
• Clean and dry aisle
• Neatness and cleanliness of equipment, feed and storage
• Personal items out of sight or stored neatly
• Behavior of exhibitors and others in exhibit area
• Knowledge of animals in exhibit and of club
• Dress appropriate and neat

The following scoring is used in Hardin County:

Bedding adequate, bright, dry, clean and in place. Animals securely tied or penned. Manure hauled out and deposited in proper place. Grooming chutes removed when not in use. Alleys swept clean, free of dust and straw. Watering points and drains kept clean.

2. ARRANGEMENT OF EXHIBIT 10 Exhibits lined up in attractive manner. Big objectionable boxes out of the way. Hay and straw neat and orderly. Miscellaneous gear in area provided.

3. APPEARANCE OF ANIMALS 15 Animals clean and brushed. Animals in stalls or pens between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

4. STALL CARDS 5 Readable from alley. Neatly arranged. Clean and complete

5. ATTENDANTS 20 Courtesy of the attendants and others in area. At least one attendant present 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily.

TOTAL 100 Each club will be scored daily in each species and results posted. There will be a monetary award for species at the end of the fair.

**We do not judge a specie on the day of their show.