Handling complaints/infractions during fair

Our county is looking at how we handle complaints and rule infractions during county fair. How does your county handle this and what type of grievance policy/procedure do you have? Also, if grievances require testing of animals, who is responsible for the costs? Thank you for you input.

West Pott. also has a written form for fair infractions or concerns. They must be filled out and signed by the person with the grievance. They must reference the fair book and include the rule that is being challenged. We also ask for a suggestion for a solution to the issue. The superintendent is notified and discussion held if necessary with Youth Committee member representatives. Since requiring a signed and completed form, we have had nearly zero complaints. That doesn’t mean that grumbling isn’t happening elsewhere, but it has saved our Youth Committee members, superintendents, judges, and staff from being the sounding board for disgruntled patrons

Emmet County's 4-H and Youth Committee makes all rules and decides all consequences (with input given by the appropriate livestock committee). As far as paying for testing - we are trying to figure that out for this year as well.

Grievance committee: File a written explanation of your problem (and $50) at the 4-H Livestock Office or Information Booth. The grievance committee will meet and address the issue. The committee is made up of members of the fair board, youth committee, 4-H staff, County 4-H Council, FFA staff or officer, and superintendent of the department of the infraction. If it is a founded grievance, your $50 will be returned.

All protests agains awards by judges must be in writing and filed with the Superintendent of the Division from which the complaint arises. Such protests must state plainly the cause of the complaint. Such complaint shall receive due consideration by committee composed of the Executive Committee of the Fair and committee composed of judges. Appeal must be delivered to the General Superintendent within one hour after the occasion of such protest. (I thought we had money involved similar to what Jean posted but I don't see it now...).

Other greviances are to be directed to the superintendents first. If there is a disagreement with the supervisor it goes to 4-H Committee and then to Extension Council if necessary.