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IDNR State Forest Nursery to Close at the end of 2015!

Because of declining tree sales and increasing production costs the IDNR Forestry Bureau is no longer able to sustain a viable nursery. General DNR Funds are not used to support the nursery operations, as such, the nursery is "self supported" and can no longer continue to operate in this manner.

As this transition occurs there are several options to purchase bare root seedlings from within Iowa and from regional nurseries. Be prepared to pay 30 - 40 cents more per seedling and remember to factor in shipping. Nurseries often run out of seedlings so call around for the best price and availability. Combine orders with friends and neighbors to get volume discounts. Here is a list of local and regional nurseries that have stock available. This is not a complete list and there might be other nurseries that we do not know about so ask your local District Forester!

Nurseries with Stock Available



Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference Registration Now Open

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Upcoming 2015 North American Agroforestry Conference

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Master Woodland Managers Program planned for
North East Iowa - Fall 2015


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ISU Prescribed Fire Video Series - Now Available

Planning a Burn (Video Here) --- Publication Here

Elements of a Burn Plan: Part 1 (Video Here) - Publication

Elements of a Burn Plan: Part 2 ( Video Here)

Personal Safety Gear (Video Here) - Publication Here

Tools and Equipment: Part 1 (Video Here) - Publication

Tools and Equipmnet: Part 2 (Video Here)

When to Burn (Video Here) - Publication Here

Smoke Management (Video Here) - Publication Here

Ignition Techniques (Video Here) - Publication Here


Statewide EAB Quarantine NOW in Effect!


NEW ISU Guide Available to tell EAB vs. Other common borers by their Galleries available Here!


Treatment for Emerald Ash Borer

1. The window for the Effective treatment of Ash for EAB has closed for the 2014 growing season. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON TREATMENTS this late in the season. We have reached enough growing degree days for Peak EAB emergence to occur. Commerical treatements take 1-4 weeks to be effective and DIY treatments take 4-8 weeks so they will miss the peak emergence completely. Treatments target adults feeding on ash leaves for 3 weeks before they lay their eggs. Treatment effectiveness is greatly reduced by end of June / July. Treatments do not kill a substaintal number of larva once they are actively feeding in the cambial zone as most of the chemical is found in the xylem portion of the tree. For more information related to treatments see pages 5-9 of the newly released info June 2014 publication

2. There are NO treatments on the market which are a one and done cure-all! You will need to treat every 1-3 years depending on product used. Injection treatments will do damage to the vascular structures in the tree so don't start before the infestation arrives in your town! Here is a research paper published in 2010 which details the research behind the treatment recommendations

3. Be carefull of the random "knock on the door" and the pressure sales tactics. Reputable companies will not do this and in most cases, if you call a local company, they will try to dissuade you from treating your trees until EAB is found within 15 miles of your home!
EAB has been found in: (click here for more a map)
New Albin & Lansing - Allamakee County 2010
Burlington - Des Moines County - 2013
Fairfield - Jefferson County - 2013
Mechanicsville - Cedar County - 2013
Creston - Union County - 2013
Waterloo - Blackhawk - Jan 2014
Eddyville - Wapello County - February 2014
Newton - Jasper County - March 2014
Waverly - Bremer County - Summer 2014
Mt. Pleasant - Henry County - Summer 2014
Muscatine - Muscatine County - Summer 2014
Boone - Boone County - Summer 2014
Story City - Story County - Summer 2014
Eddyville - Mahaska County - Fall 2014
Monroe County - Fall 2014
Moravia - Appanoose County - Fall 2014
Lucas County - Fall 2014
Maryville - Marion County - Fall 2014

4. Call your local extension office if you have any questions before you agree to any treatment (you can find the number by clicking on your county in the map at the bottom of this page.)

5. Do I have an ash tree in my yard (follow this link for a Tree ID site, Click here to go straight to the Ash tree page)


Chronic Wasting Disease Detected in Iowa's Deer Herd

(click for more info)

Tracking Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) in Iowa's White-tailed deer herd

If you observed dead deer in summer or fall of 2012 or observe dead deer during summer or fall of 2013 please report them at this link.


Report Feral Hog Sightings Here

IDNR District Forester Map

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