Best Baked Potatoes

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1 medium potato
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  • Choose potatoes labeled for baking. Russets and other baking potatoes have a drier texture and a thicker skin. Red skinned potatoes tend to have a thinner skin and a more waxy texture. Some yellow and purple potatoes also are good for baking.
  • Four medium potatoes equals about 1 1/2 pounds. Each cooked potato is about 1 cup chopped potato with skin, or about 3/4 cup without skin.
  1. Heat oven to 425°F. A preheated oven reduces total cooking time.
  2. Scrub the potatoes under cold running water and pat dry.
  3. Prick each potato twice with a fork.
  4. Place potatoes directly on the oven rack and bake about 1 hour or until potatoes are cooked through. Bake at least 4 potatoes at one time for energy efficiency. Consider baking more potatoes than needed for one meal and refrigerate the extras for a next day meal.
  5. Carefully remove the potatoes from the oven using oven mitts or tongs.
  6. Serve immediately or let cool, then refrigerate in a plastic bag and use within 4 days. The potatoes will “sweat” inside the bag if you do not let them cool before you put them in the bag. Placing the potatoes in a sealed bag helps prevent them from drying out. 
  • Potatoes are readily available and inexpensive all year long.

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