Where & when to go

Hunt for the good deals


  • Instead of eating at a restaurant, trade cooking duties with another family.
  • Check newspapers, websites, shoppers, ValPak, Money Mailer, etc. for coupons. These publications may also have websites where you can print additional coupons.
  • Look for out-of-the ordinary places to eat out. Discount stores sometimes offer a lunch special like a huge slice of pizza with a soda for under $2.50. Split the pizza for an inexpensive meal out.
  • Consider small, family-owned restaurants for your next meal. The food can be great and the price low.


  • Go out for breakfast or lunch. Most restaurants have menus with lower price ranges for breakfast and lunch. Take home a doggie bag for dinner.Plan ahead to find deals
  • Eat early and get the senior specials.
  • Take advantage of the "Kid's Eat Free" nights at many local restaurants. If you have a coupon for the meal, that will be double the savings.
  • If your child does not finish the meal, ask the server to box  half of the meal and use it for lunch the next day.
  • Work with other families with young children to develop a kids’ night out calendar of specials on kids’ meals in your area.
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